Back to the land of the living

November 29, 2009 at 10:01 pm (Pregnancy)

It’s been months, I know.  Time has moved at an odd pace lately and the last part of my pregnancy was the most wretched experience of my life.  I’m very glad that I’ve got this blog to come back to as I have some things to work through…and writing will be the biggest help that I can think of.

I’m very happy to say that our baby boy is doing quite well.  He was born September 26, 7 weeks early.  We spent a terrifying 13 days in the NICU, but thankfully we don’t have many issues stemming from baby boy’s prematurity.  He was a bit behind on his develpment, and I’m sure that it has to do with the hyperemesis. 

The birth was…traumatic…to say the least, and I’ll be working through that on here over the next few months I’m sure.  There’s way too much to say even for one post.  Hospitalizations, more medications, changing doctors, and an emergency c section are just the tip of the ice burg. 

I’m just now beginning to find myself again.  I’m wanting to continue more with crafts and have returned to work.  I’m much easier to get along with now (ha!)  We are very excitedly getting ready for Christmas and my Man is finishing yet another semester in school.  Only 12 more months until he receives his commssion and we move on to the next step in our lives.  I’m beginning to hope that this next step will include a change of work environment for me.  My job has become incredibly stressful and I’d much rather hold down  a part time job and be a better mom to my children. 

For now, I’m recovering and my newest son is in his swing next to me enjoying a post meal nap. All in all, things are greatly improving. 


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