Mama Taught Me Well

May 14, 2009 at 7:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m a teacher.  I always dreamed of teaching, ever since second grade. My teacher at the time, Mrs Keith, inspired me.  So a teacher I became. 

You know, as a teacher, I’ve always been respectful of my kids’ teachers and worked very closely with them.  We’ve had a few issues, but they were always worked out and things ran so smoothly.  That is, until today. 

As a child, I watched my mom fight for me.  On several occasions, things were very bad and that woman took her claws out and made sure I was protected.  And I saw it.  I mean, I wasn’t in the room, but I knew.  I knew Mom would take care of me.  But I never thought I would have to be that mom.  The angry yelling mom that no one wants to see or deal with.  I’m a teacher.  I know better, I know how to work the system to get my way…

Yeah.  Until the system messed with my kid.  Until I had a principal lie to me about state laws.  Until I had a teacher treat me like crap in a meeting.  And then, the animal instinct came out and Mom became angry. 

See, I love my job.  I love my students and am always willing to help them.  I mean, duh, that’s my job right?  So when I see a child who is not getting help, I try to help them even though I’m not their teacher.  I’ve fought for students whom I had never even met…So when a teacher refuses to help my child, not only do I see the injustice of it all, I get angry. 

Mama taught me well.  And today, I got ugly.  Medusa would have been frightened.  I’m appalled at how I acted.  It was as though I was watching from somewhere outside my own body as instinct took over.  And all my poor man could do is sit there and quietly watch the action.  He was hulking up…had to stay quiet in order to keep himself in control.  So he just sat by in shock as I got snarky, sarcastic, and put that woman in her place. 

I don’t think people sometimes even try to understand the nature of MOM.  I think sometimes they see an “adoptive” parent (oh please) and think they won’t be as protective as a natural mother.  Oops.  Um, yeah, you got that wrong honey.  And they sure did find that out today. 

So I hope the universe and the Lord can forgive the mom in me for being so bad today.  I’ll be good now.  I’m putting my claws away.


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