Painting, Vomit, and Diapers

May 4, 2009 at 6:00 pm (Kids n stuff)

So today L and I decided to try our hand at Crayola paints.  I got the washable kind considering the nature of two year old beasts, and am quite glad I did.  L had a blast.  He mixed, matched and put lots of colors together.  I think his favorite of the day was purple.  Of course!  The color of royals!  We have 4 gorgeous canvases that I’m sure will sell big at auction (translation:  L covered 4 peices of paper is paint that will stick on my fridge for months.) 

Also in the world of the exciting, I should get my first fluff mail someday soon.  I ordered my very first cloth diaper!  It’s a sew it yourself all in one (AKA AIO) kit, so I didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it.  I can’t wait to get it!  I’m quite excited about the idea of cloth diapering Monster.  Some of the fam is a bit…leary… about it, but I’m stoked.  I’ve already decided where I’m ordering the rest from, not to mention have a friend of mine who’s gonna lend me some of her fluff stash for Monster when we are still new.  Buying smalls and newborn sizes are almost a waste of money since they grow out of them so fast.  It’s the mediums that really last. 

Speaking of Monster…the evil child is killing me.  Seriously.  I don’t know how much longer I can handle being this darn nauseated. Poor L.  I spent most of the time he was painting trying not to vomit all over his masterpeices (which ironically enough, would have matched said vomit.)  This sickness really blows.  Seriously.  I’m not understanding why it is that most women don’t even feel anything at all besides a bit of queasiness and yet I have to be seriously and deathly ill from conception on.  What is that all about?  Come on!  But I digress.  Throwing up is, according to my doctors, a sign that all is well with the baby.  Monster may kill ME, but at least he/she is doing great!  (did you hear the sarcasm?  sorry bout that.  I love my babies, but this makes one a bit bitter to say the least.)  I know that soon enough I’ll be feeling better.  It’s just that soon can’t come fast enough for me.

The young Monet at work

The young Monet at work


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