My New World

May 3, 2009 at 3:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello world.  I’ve blogged before, but over the past year have found myself getting and feeling less and less attached to my last blog.  That blog worked for a specific time and place, but no longer does.  It’s time for me to move past the infertility and adoption and start over.  I am now mommy, I am now (apparently) more fertile, and I am ready to begin anew.  The big question for my writing is going to be this:  Who am I? 

Well, for now, I am a (sometime) military wife to a National Guardsman who is finishing school in order to get his commission as an officer.  We have four wonderful children, some of whom WERE adopted (I’m sure we’ll get to my opinon on that at some point,) Dee, J-man, S, and L.  I am also expecting our fifth and final child.  The Man will be, eh hem, fixed, sometime this year. 

As of now, my life consists of me resting a lot and suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a serious pregnancy complication that keeps me nauseated and vomiting constantly.  I am not working right now (I am a 7th and 8th grade GT teacher) as I am too ill, but hope to get back to work very soon, or at least before summer starts.  I am also nesting (as much as I can) in order to prepare for the arrival of The Monster (or loving nickname for the new baby.)

My thought for the day to end this bit of introduction:

I was watching a show called Max and Ruby on Noggin with the kids this morning.  It’s a silly cartoon and the main characters are two bunny children.  One is apparently  a toddler, the other I think is supposed to be six or so.  Welp, in one of the mini episodes, the two small children board a city bus by themselves to go shopping for overalls for Max.  S looks at me and says, “How come they don’t have a mommy?” 

Woah.  My five year old knows there is something wrong with going shopping alone without a grown up.  Well, so far so good with her I guess.  But man, the very idea that a “learning channel” would have that in a show is kinda shocking.  Two small kids can leave the house and run around the town alone…Ew. 

But I will continue to hold the same opinion I’ve always had.  TV is not the devil.  Our children know what we teach them.  My five year old understood that what she saw wasn’t quite right and told me.  I think that means that as along as we teach our children and ensure that they are not exposed to too much of the grossness, they’ll be fine. 

It’s all about


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